• This application helps to keep track of what money is spent in order to help save.


  • State management (BLoC).
  • Local database (sqflite package).
  • Localization & date formatting & Number formatting (intl).
  • Store and retrieve persistence data easily (shared preferences).
  • Show splash screen (flutter native splash).
  • Using Svg assets.
  • Using font awesome to show icons e.g. google, linkedin, github icons for the contact purpose.
  • Url launch to report bugs to developers, if any (url launcher).
  • Singleton design pattern.


  • CRUD Operations in the local database (sqlite).
  • Possibility to Insert, Retrieve, Update and Delete expense in the local database (sqlite).
  • Delete all old expenses to start the new week.
  • Possibility to modify the weekly balance plan at any time.
  • Reporting any bugs in app to developers.
  • Toggle between Arabic and English language.
  • Toggle between more than one theme.
  • Implementation UI to handle the state of errors, no data, loading data and loaded data.





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