A flutter app to generate beautiful screenshots of tweets from twitter

A flutter app to generate beautiful, high-quality screenshots of tweets from twitter.

using the app

  1. get your twitter V2 API key.
  1. build the app with flutter to whatever target (does not support web due to CORS)

  2. add your API key in the «new tweet» bottom-sheet (this will get persisted)

  3. paste the link to a tweet in the same bottom-sheet to see the magic happen!

Features todo

  • [x] generate high quality screenshots
  • [x] add / remove stats
  • [x] add / remove tweet date
  • [x] choose background color
  • [x] dark / light theme tweet card
  • [x] tweet image preview
  • [x] highlight hashtags, mentions, links
  • [x] verified badge
  • [ ] additional layouts
  • [ ] quote tweets
  • [ ] tweet video preview
  • [ ] pattern backgrounds
  • [ ] retweet indicator
  • [ ] poll tweets


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