Zanie – Voice Assistant

A flutter app with Arabian Nights vibes

We wanted to make something fun this weekend. So we made our own voice assistant – Zanie, and themed up the whole application with Arabian Nights vibes. Oh and Zanie, is our own genie!

A flutter app with Arabian Nights vibes

What it does

A flutter app with Arabian Nights vibes
It can do magic, show you the digital world, just on your voice commands.
well, technically…
It’s an interactive voice assistant made on flutter. It can perform a variety of different functions such as :-
Respond to questions
Open other apps on voice command
Call people from contacts
Message people from contacts
Tell jokes
Tell about himself
..and more

The user needs to either scan the QR code or enter code manually to access the app. the code is «genie», and the qr code is attached below

A flutter app with Arabian Nights vibes

Then they can take a tour of the app in the most magical way, or just start with the voice assistant. Clicking on the lamp will allow the app to get voice permission and also our Zanie will appear on the screen.
And then the user can ask for 3 wishes/questions/commands anything. After 3 wishes, it can be reloaded by tapping on the lamp again.

How we built it

We built the application on flutter, using many libraries including speech_to_text, tts_flutter and contacts_service.

We’ve built an android apk for the same.

Also, our introductory website is built using HTML-CSS

VS-Code and Android studio were used as IDEs

Challenges we ran into

Integrating both Speech to Text and Text to Speech and synchronizing them to work together was indeed a tough task for us. That took most of our time to figure out. Also, figuring out how to make phone calls from flutter was a bit tricky. But in the end, we were able to do it successfully.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We’re proud that in 2 days, we were able to make a whole voice assistant from scratch, and we personally love the Arabian Nights and Aladdin vibes it gives. So much magic for the weekend!!

What we learned

We learned a lot throughout the weekend. 3 out of 4 members of our team were totally new to flutter, so we really learned a whole new framework and enjoyed it pretty much.

What’s next for Zanie – Voice Assistant

Well, making few improvements, adding customizable Zanie voice, we would definitely be deploying this app on play store and then in the app store in the near future!!


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