A flutter application helps people with prosthetic limbs.

  • To get information about the latest news and technology.
  • Browse products and buy them online.
  • Knows the most common issues and gets support.


  • Firebase auth for creating an account with email.
  • Shared preferences for storing user data.
  • Firebase cloud firestore, Firebase storage for storing data online.
  • Paymob for payment online.
  • HTTP post.
  • screen-util for adapting screen.
  • Bloc design pattern.
  • Web_view/ video player/ image picker for good user experience.


splash screen welcome screen 1 welcome screen 2
welcome screen 3 sign-up screen log-in screen
news screen article details screen web-view screen
store screen search screen product details screen
cart screen order details screen payment screen
fix screen profile screen edit profile screen
admin screen admin product screen admin news screen


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