Flutter – Passcode Lock Screen

A Flutter package for iOS and Android for showing passcode input screen

A Flutter package for iOS and Android for showing passcode input screen, similar to Native iOS.


First add passcode_screen as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Then use import

import 'package:passcode_screen/passcode_screen.dart';

What can it do for you?

  1. Create a beautiful passcode lock view simply.
  title: title,
  passwordEnteredCallback: _onPasscodeEntered,
  cancelLocalizedText: 'Cancel',
  deleteLocalizedText: 'Delete',
  shouldTriggerVerification: _verificationNotifier.stream,  
  1. Passcode input completed callback.
_onPasscodeEntered(String enteredPasscode) {
  1. Notify passcode screen if passcode correct or not
final StreamController<bool> _verificationNotifier = StreamController<bool>.broadcast();

_onPasscodeEntered(String enteredPasscode) {
  bool isValid = '123456' == enteredPassword;

Don’t forget to close a stream

void dispose() {

  1. Customize UI.

Customize circles

class CircleUIConfig {
  final Color borderColor;
  final Color fillColor;
  final double borderWidth;
  final double circleSize;
  double extraSize;

Customize keyboard

class KeyboardUIConfig {
  final double digitSize;
  final TextStyle digitTextStyle;
  final TextStyle deleteButtonTextStyle;
  final Color primaryColor;
  final Color digitFillColor;
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry keyboardRowMargin;
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry deleteButtonMargin;

iOS & Android

Plugin is totally platform agnostic. No configuration required – the plugin should work out of the box.


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