A quiz app built using Flutter

A quiz app built using Flutter. It currently covers programming topics such as (i.e. TypeScript, Angular, Firebase…) and others. Although the topics can be changed by changing the Firestore data for really any other types of quiz. Going with Flutter is a easy choice with its quick development time and fast execution times. Firebase as the backend and storage solution makes it very easy to scale and change all the quiz subjects. The biggest challenge was getting the Oauth to work in Google services and Firebase login.

App Screen

Home Screen

1.Topics wise or category wise

2.Pick Number of Questions

3.Quiz Page / Questions page

4.Text and Image-based Quiz

5.rogress Indicator

6.Results page with Chart

7.Detailed Report for Quiz took

8.Social Sharing for scores

9.Admin Panel Screen

User Authentication / Admin login & Register

1.Manage Questions (CRUD) with Tags

2.Tags wise search


4.Manage Topics / Categories

5.Settings Page

Supported Platforms



Getting Started

This project is a starting point for a Flutter application.
Clone this repository, with VSCode or Android Studio then download the Flutter tools. Note you will need to provide your own generated GCP or AWS keys for the services listed in ios/Runner/GoogleService-Info.plist

$ git clone 
$ cd quizapp
$ flutter run

Built With

  • Flutter – The hybrid framework used.
  • Dart – The language Flutter is written in.
  • Firebase – Cloud NoSQL database

A quiz app built using Flutter

For help getting started with Flutter, view our
online documentation, which offers tutorials,

A quiz app built using Flutter



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