Cockpit Open Frontend

A rewrite of the devolo Cockpit front end in Flutter

Cockpit Open Frontend is an alternative frontend for devolo Cockpit application. It uses the existing backend of devolo Cockpit application. It is written in Flutter and supports all desktops: Windows, macOS, and Linux. Here are some highlights of this app:

  • Provides an overview of connection speed of all powerline adapters from devolo on your network. You can see how high the data transmission is, for example, between the study and the living room.
  • If new firmware updates are available for adapters, updates can be applied directly via the network.
  • Provides control over encryption and other configuration settings.



  • To ensure Flutter is setup correctly, you can run the $ flutter doctor command in Terminal or Command Prompt.
  • To ensure that you have enabled desktop support for your device, run the $ flutter devices command in Terminal or Command Prompt.

Building and Running the App

To build and run the app on command-line, use the following commands:

$ cd cockpit_open_frontend
$ flutter run -d <platform>

where platform is windows, macos, or linux.

To build and run the app on programming IDEs, see instructions from Flutter for Android Studio and IntelliJ, and Visual Studio Code.
For Visual Studio Code and Linux users we provide a devcontainer which allows you to start developing inside a container. You need the devolo Cockpit application on your host system and you need to run xhost +local: if you want to see the UI while debugging.

Building Releases

  • To generate a release build, run the command:
    $ flutter build <platform>, where platform is windows, macos, or linux.

  • The executables and the data folder can be found in:

    • Windows: …/cockpit_open_frontend/build/windows/runner/Release
    • macOS: …/cockpit_open_frontend/build/macos/Build/Products/Release
    • Linux: …/cockpit_open_frontend/build/linux/release/bundle
  • Navigate in Terminal or Command Prompt to the above path and run:

    • Windows devoloCockpit (Note: Opening the app by double-clicking will result in an error – this is a known limitation of the current implementation.)
    • macOS: ./
    • Linux: ./devoloCockpit


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