A seasonal foods calendar app written in Dart using Flutter

This app is a practical and easy to use tool showing you which kinds of fruit, vegetables, salads etc. are in season right now.

Foods that are produced regionally are often times cheaper, tastier and better for the environment due to a shorter and more convenient transport.

While currently available only in German and for Germany/Austria/Switzerland, I plan to extend the languages and regions offered.


There certainly are similar apps out there, especially within the German-speaking community. However, this app:

  • Boasts the biggest collection of foods,
  • Lets you pick and view your favorites,
  • Consists of open source code,
  • Can be run on a variety of android devices, and
  • Looks and feels better than most competitor apps (my personal opinion).

Especially the open-source aspect is a main motivating factor for me to further develop this app.

Get it!

Additional info can be fetched from my website:

Asset Sources

The database file assets/db/foods.db contains all food information and their respective sources. You can open the file e.g. with .

Please note that the data concerning foods’ availability partly stems from and thus is not subject to the GPL license. I kindly ask you to contact me before re-using the availability data (columns starting with ‘av’ from the file assets/db/foods.db).

Building it Yourself

  1. Clone the repo
  2. flutter pub get
  3. flutter build apk --debug or flutter build apk --release

You need an own key to sign release versions of this app.

Helpful info:


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