Cash Balancer

Cash Balancer App Build With Flutter

It is too hard to balance money across different assets and accounts. Spreadsheets are too hostile; banks are too complex. This app should help you understand your finances without the help of an expert. It works basically as a finance calculator for asset allocation: you put what you have, how much you want to have (%), and check the difference.

Cash Balancer App Build With Flutter Cash Balancer App Build With Flutter

Usage examples:

  • You want 5% of your capital to be in crypto: 60% in Bitcoin, 30% in Ether, 10% in XRP. Tomorrow that becomes 8%, what
    and how much do you sell to stay with 5% again?
  • You are following a stock recommendation with 40% of your bank account, but you are tired of calculating 12.5% of 40%
    for each position and then periodically rebalancing as you receive your wage.
  • You have a complex wallet consisting of 20% of the treasury (40% in one asset, 60% in another), while 30% of offshore
    investments and 50% of stocks with different weights.


Main Screen Analysis Screen
Main Screen Edit Screen


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