Cooking app made by Flutter Sdk

Used Packages :

  • Provider
  • Flutter_Lints

Used Fonts :

  • Allan
  • Metrophobic
  • Raleway

Color Palette :

  • #EEF0F2 – Background Color
  • #E0A800 – Primary Color
  • #E77484 – Secondary Color
  • #2C363F – (Text Color)

Amazing Features :

  • Using images in classes and adding them to listItem.
  • Customized AppBar and TabBar.
  • Using both Provider and Statefull Widgets for logic (learning purposes only).

App Showcase :

Main Screen :

Drawer Screen :

Settings Screen :

Meals Screen :

Meal Detail Screen :

Favorites Screen :

Feel free to implement my code or imporve it, if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to say them.
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for any inquires contact me.


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