Crowdsourced COVID Related Resources Finder App Written In Flutter

Crowdsourced COVID Related Resources Finder App Written In Flutter

Build Setup

# install dependencies
$ flutter pub get

# run debug mode
$ flutter run

# run release mode
$ flutter run --release

# build app bundle
$ flutter build appbundle

# build apk
$ flutter build apk

For detailed explanation on how things work, check out Flutter docs.

Corona virus (COVID -19) pandemic is rapidly resulting in global crisis threatening lives of millions of people. As of today, many people are getting deprived from the provisions provided by the government due to increase of infectious people to million every day. Corona Virus disease (COVID-19) infection leads to breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and some cases leading to death. At these crucial times availability of resources to assist infected people is a boon.

In continuation to initiation taken by Kerala government to provide verified information related to COVID relief resources availability, COVIDAID takes measures to provide verified content of resources like Oxygen, Medicine, Hospital, Ambulance, Food and Helpline via mobile app by using open source verified database using Corona Safe life APIs.

COVIDAID shows user verified covid relief resources with simple search of state, city and resource, where they can find availability of covid relief resource. if resources not available at that particular time they can subscribe for an alert or notification.

How App works?

CovidAid is a non profit organisation app, purely made for providing information related to covid resources to people in need. Once installed , COVIDAID works in background of your mobile device. It shows COVID related resource information from open source verified sources powered by Corona Safe Network by filtering the content inlining with the query requested by the user.

User can find a resource by entering state or city and selecting resource form the resource dropdown provided.

If user wants to get only verified resources he/she can enable verified toggle button. Once required search details are filled press “SEARCH” button which will show queried resource.

Search result will show resource availability as per query entered by user.

For each available resource contact info is provided along with provision of sharing the details with external links provided by the resource provider.

User gets provision of searching required resource in the search result page also.

If user wants to get notified regarding availability of covid related resources he / she can press notification icon provide at top right of the home page of the app where you can search for district and resource


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