Grab Landing Page Clone with flutter

Grab Landing Page Clone by Muhibush Shulhi Muhammad
Mobile App, web, and Desktop from a single codebase. Thanks to Google For making this amazing portable framework

Base Design : Grab v5.142.0 22/03/2021

Features :

  • lock the screen orientation to portrait up
  • transparent statusBar
  • dark status bar icon
  • splash screen
  • landing page
  • dismiss navigation when scrolling up
  • change Status Bar color when scrolling down
  • dummy tab
  • swipe to change tab
  • navigator
  • dummy detail page
  • API request
  • pull to refresh
  • cubit & bloc state management
  • handle loading state
  • handle connection error
  • migrated to null safety
  • unit test
    • bloc & cubit test
    • mock API using mockito


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