LNCT Attendance Android App 📱

LNCT Attendance Android App Built With Flutter

Presenting before you Lnct Attendance app for checking your college attendance🔥🔥.

Following are the Features of app:

  • View your attendance in percentage
  • View datewise attendance
  • View subject wise attendance
  • Also shows how many days you have to attend the college to maintain the minimum 75% attendance.

This is not official application of LNCT.

This app does not store your password or any personal data.

Made with Flutter.

Developed by ADARSH SONI

⬇️ Download the App Now!!

LNCT Attendance Android App Built With Flutter

Size – 6.7 MB || Download from Google Drive

📷 Screenshots

❤️ Want to Contribute??

There is always something to contribute to a project whether you are a novice or a veteran. In this project, you can add your favourite feature to the app, fix some bugs Or maybe you didn’t like the line that you are reading right now and want to change that.Sure! Why not?

⚡️ How to Contribute Here?

1) To clone Repo

git clone Repo_URL

2) To create a branch

git checkout -b Branch_name

3) To Add changes

git add .

4) To commit changes

git commit -m 'Your message'

5) To push Changes

git push GIT_URL Branch_name

👨‍🏫 Make sure you follow the following simple set of rules here while trying to contribute.

  • Every Pull Request must have a title.
  • Every Pull Request must have a description.
  • Write the title and description of what you have done in the imperative mode, that is as if you were commanding someone.
    • DO: Start the line with “FIX”, “ADD”, “IMPROVE”.
    • DON’T: Start with “Fixed”, “Added”, “Adding”, “Improved”.
    • 🎯 Read → How to Write a Git Commit Message!
  • Don’t end the summary line with a period – it’s a title and titles don’t end with a period.
  • Have fun.


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