Multi-platform project built with Flutter and Golang

Multi-platform project built with Flutter and Golang that will help you save what is most important – time.

It is an idea that came to my mind, when I was watching a TikTok during a dinner. I realised that I could spend this time a lot better. There is uncountable amount of amazing articles about programming that surely help with self-improvement. Although, nowadays it is hard to find an article that will make us want to read it, instead of delivering a dose of dopamine by watching Youtube, Tiktok or browsing social media.

ArTiver will help us with this. This application will give us a possibility, to create a profile with our interest description and it will deliver best articles focused around them, from all over the web! Not only the application will have a possibility to provide relatively best articles, but so do we!

Share your opinion, up/down vote articles, write a review or even write your own article – everything in one application! Sounds cool, right?

From developers, for developers!
Ultimately, the project is going to be available on all platforms, taking advantage of the amazing capabilities of the flutter!

Real cross-platform experience for developers!


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