Online Quiz App

Quiz App to conduct online quiz developed with flutter

Quiz App to conduct online quiz developed with flutter framework and dart language.

Getting Started

This project is a starting point for a Flutter application.

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We have created a Quiz creator app, as its name suggests we can create quizzes in this also we can solve the created quizzes.

At first, we have to sign up with the app then the app will take a record of your Gmail and password then we don’t need to sign in again.

Using this app we can create a quiz, on which topic we want to create and what type of questions, and how many questions we want to add we can add If we wish to give any quiz which is added previously we can take that quiz Using this quiz it is easy to take a quiz in such a pandemic situation where everything is digital so that our testing pattern is

Characteristics of the app:

1)User authentication 2)Quiz Creation 3)Quiz Solving Platform

What we used : 1)Firebase: Firebase as a Database server (Firebase uses NoSQL Database )


Flutter for UI

3)Dart: Dart as Programming Language

User Authentication

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Create Quiz

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Sample Quiz

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1)A future version will have different views for a different level of users such as quiz create, quiz solver

2)Allow multiple authentication methods like Gmail, mobile number, etc.

3)Allow a various number of options in the quiz

5)Allow images as questions as well as options in a quiz

7)In the next version, we will keep a record of the results of individuals.

6)Also, we can keep start time, end time details of individuals for a particular quiz


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