Safaricom App Home Page

To Celebrate This Festive Season 🎊🎉🎁

I designed the Safaricom app home page as it looked from 21st December 2022 using flutter.
The Safaricom app UI was most likely built using React Native but I decided to design it using flutter and make it as close to the actuall app as I could save for the icons and colors.

Awesome Features 😎👍🏽

1. Custon Scroll View

This is flutter’s scrollview that allows creation of scrollable content. The Home page has a CustomScrollView that allows the body content to be scrollable

2. Slivers

A sliver is just a portion of a scrollable area. Flutter contains Slivers for making lists, grids, appbars and single child box-family widgets. Examples are

  • SliverList
  • SliverGrid
  • SliverAppBar
  • SliverToBoxAdapter

3. SliverAppBar

This is an appbar that comes with scrolling capabilities and allows the app bar to have a background using the FlexibleSpaceBar widget that goes hand in hand with the expandedHeight property. The FlexibleSpaceBar takes in a background as a property which is then used to design the appbar’s background. The appbar’s background will have animations to display and disappear when scrolling.

4. Floating a button above the SliverAppBar’s bottom margin

The SliverAppBar has a property called bottom that is used to define a bottom tab bar. In this case I used it together with the Transform.translate() to offset a buttom, (View My Balances) button, from the SliverAppBar and have it floating ontop of the SliverAppBar‘s bottom margin. 😎

5. ScrollController and NotificationListener

Safaricom app’s app bar has a title that is centered when the appbar is expanded. The title shifts to the left when the app bar is collapsed. To achieve this effect a scroll controller is set to the CustomScrollView. An event listener is the set to the CustomScrollView that monitors the state of the app bar. When the app bar is collapsed the centerTitle boolean property is set to false and the title is aligned to the left and back to the center when the app bar is expanded.

6. SliverToBoxAdapter

I used a SliverToBoxAdapter to render a single child container as part of a sliver. Again, a sliver is a portion of a scrollable area and thus ordinary flutter Containers are not scrollable. To have a container within a scrollable area such that it scrolls together with the content, a SliverToBoxAdapter is wrapped around the Container widget

7. Offstage

I wrapped the first advertisment container with an Offstage widget which allows the entire advertisment container to be dismissed when the close button X is tapped. Simply set the offstage property of the Offstage widget to true to remove the widget from the element and renderObject trees

8. Flutter Carousel Slider package

Am awesome and well maintained package for creating flutter carousels. The complete documentation is available here 👉🏽 Flutter Carousel Slider

Dependencies Used. Check pubspec.yaml file

  1. Google Font for Flutter
  2. Flutter Carousel Slider

Awesome icons are from Flaticon



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