Chat App Development Front-End and Back-End using Flutter, SocketIo, and NodeJS. (Limited code)

( You can buy the full code on $30 (mail me):

Playlist for Chat App Development series -:

Playlist Name YouTube Playlist Link
Chat App Development (Main Playlist) Link
Chat App Development (Only Front-End using Flutter) Link
Chat Server Development (Only Back-End using Node/SocketIo) Link

Some Screenshots of this series

1. Landing Page

2. Login Page

3. Login Page with Alert

4. OTP Screen

5. Country Page

6. Home page

7. Chat page

8. Camera Page

9. Status Page

10. PopUp Menu Item

11. Emoji Picker

12. Create Group Page

13. Select Contact Page

14.View Image/Video Page

Some Other playlist

Playlist Name YouTube Playlist Link
Flutter model class series, for Rest API connection and JSON parsing Link
Flutter Basic series link
Blog App Development (Main Playlist) Link
Blog App Development (Only Front-End using Flutter) Link
Blog App Development (Only Back-End using Node/ExpressJs) Link

If this tutorial helped you please give a star and also fork the repo, Thank you happy coding 🙂

To use this app follow below instructions-:

  1. Clone this app using below syntax -:

    git clone

  2. After cloning install packages using below syntax -:

    flutter pub get

Above command will install all the neccery packges.

  1. Run the app on your mobile using below command -:

    flutter run


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