Multi-purpose Booking APP built using flutter

Pengo The actual booking app. Features All in one multipurpose booking app. Easiest booking app for everyone. UX First Design GooCard Cloud Identification. Seamless delay device communication. Rewarding System that actually is about «win-win». Wishlist IOT GooCard Integration. Open-source API/SDK. Commands Generate JSON serializable files flutter pub run build_runner build GitHub

An Ecommerce application built in Flutter using Firebase

Flutter-Commerce An Ecommerce application built in Flutter using Firebase. Getting started Project setup instructions are given at Wiki section. Screenshots Splash Screen Login Page OTP Page Home Page Search Screen Cart Screen Address Screen Add Address Screen Account Screen Edit Details Screen Orders Screen Payment Screen Product Screen 1 Product Screen 2 GitHub

Travel Guide App Build with Flutter

Tripply V1.1 Tripply is an android/ios app made for tripers where you can find places such as (Lakes, Forest, Sahara, beaches … ) based on modern Android application – it comes with BloC Flutter you can fetching data from the network and integrating persisted data in the database via repository pattern. GitHub

E-commerce application ui in flutter

E-commerce application ui in flutter Hi 👋 I recently started with an E-commerce App and decided to share my exploration. I tried to make it sleek and according to latest design trends. 🥇Follow me on Twitter: 🥇Follow me on Instagram: screenshots API Information (under development) Need some help? Drop a message to me Download APK Click To Download GitHub …

A new open source E-commerce App created using Flutter and GetX

Shopzler A new open source E-commerce App created using Flutter and GetX. E-Commerce App built on Flutter with Firebase, SQLite, GetX and MVVM Architecture. ScreenShots Features : Sign-In, Sign-Up and LogOut using Email & Password / Google Account / Facebook Account. Categories and Search for Products. Add/Remove Products to/from Cart. Change quantity of products in the cart. Check out your …

A Flutter e-commerce Application Example

Flutter e-commerce Application Example – Day 34 class Afgprogrammer extends Flutter100DaysOfCode { video() { return { «title»: «Flutter e-commerce Application Example», «description»: «Let’s make an e-commerce application.», «day»: 34, } } } Images from: Unsplash Previous Designs Checkout my Youtube channel Development Setup Clone the repository and run the following commands: flutter pub get flutter run Screenshot Home Page GitHub …

A sound meter app Made with Flutter

Noise meter Sound meter. Made with Flutter. Null safety Dependencies Name Link noise_meter syncfusion_flutter_charts url_launcher google_fonts GitHub

Make a timer application with a fancy neon effect and beautiful UI

neon_circular_timer Make a timer application with a fancy neon effect and beautiful UI v0.0.3 and above now the timer has also a neumorphic border Preview of example Usage NeonCircularTimer( width: 200, duration: 20, strokeWidth: 10, textFormat: TextFormat.MM_SS, isTimerTextShown: true, neumorphicEffect: true, textStyle: Theme.of(context).textTheme.headline3, outerStrokeColor: Colors.grey.shade100, fillGradient: LinearGradient(colors: [ Colors.greenAccent.shade200, Colors.blueAccent.shade400 ]), neonGradient: LinearGradient(colors: [ Colors.greenAccent.shade200, Colors.blueAccent.shade400 ]), strokeCap: StrokeCap.round, fillColor: …

A flutter application for cognitive fatigue assessment

Motivation soTired is an application for cognitive fatigue assessment.It includes a stand-alone Android app for fatigue detection and an additional part for data management and further analysis. The project is structured as client side (stand-alone app) implemented in Dart/Flutter and a server side (data management) written in Golang. Besides Android, Dart/Flutter provides the ability to add an iOS, desktop and …