Linkdy - A Linkding client created with Flutter

Linkdy is a dedicated Linkding client developed using Flutter. Linkding itself is a self-hosted bookmark manager, and Linkdy aims to provide users with a seamless mobile and desktop experience for managing their bookmarks.

The primary objective of this project is to offer Linkding users a convenient and user-friendly application for organizing their bookmarks across various devices. Whether users are accessing Linkding from a mobile device or a desktop computer, Linkdy ensures a smooth and intuitive experience, allowing them to efficiently manage their bookmarked content.

Main features

  • List your bookmarks.
  • Open the links on an internal browser.
  • Search bookmarks.
  • Create new bookmarks.
  • Create new tags.
  • List the bookmarks associated with each tag.
  • Material You interface with dynamic theming (only Android 12+).


Created by JGeek00

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