a software to connect you and your friends and others,
are you guys also just tensed over the overuse of social media so we have a solution, appx (name not decided yet)

Getting Started

hey everybody this is a opensource application to protect you guys from the dominance of big tech giants this applications motive is to help you all guys meet other people with similar intrests and help to manage your professional and personal life on social media at a single place.


everybody is free to contribute. happy coding.

Tech stack

  • Tech stack:
  • Flutter
  • Python (API)
  • Firebase
  • Agora / custion api for feed and other things
  • as hosting and cloud storage



this is not our design so thnx to maker of it


this is a opensource project so its clear that we cant play .


if you need any help you can join our (Antern’s) discord server.


we are not related to antern just have friendly relations to them.


this repo is no where near it’s final stage it’s just a beginning to a revolution and
pls pls make this repo a hit and contribute make social media easy and better .thnx


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