A Flutter project to to replicate audio chat functionality as seen in popular instant messaging applications.


The project makes use of the following open source packages

  • just_audio – To interact with audio files from application document storage.
  • font_awesome_flutter – Font Awesome provides a great set of Icon to use in your application.
  • permission_handler – A package to handle audio/storage permissions from the user.
  • path_provider – path_provider provides path to application document and cache storage directories to store application specific data.
  • record – Audio recorder from microphone to a given file path with multiple codecs, bit rate and sampling rate options.
  • flutter_vibrate – A simple plugin to control haptic feedback on iOS and android.
  • lottie – To add lottie animation to the application.

Build and run locally

Clone the repo

git clone

Build and run locally

cd audio_chat
flutter run


Record Lock Cancel


Checkout the releases section for the latest APK from the code.


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