Flutter Movies Application

A movies application made with Flutter / Dart

A movies application that connects to the TMDB Log . Get trending and newly released movies with in-depth details.


On Load Navigation Toggle Theme
Toggle Drawer Refresh Toggle Search
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  • [x] When the app is loaded, trending movies and upcoming movies are loaded.
  • [x] You can search for movies by typing in the search field and pressing enter.
    When on desktop there is a search button below TextField.
    On Mobile or Tablet you can press the ok button on the virtual keyboard to start searching.
  • [x] When you tap on a movie , you get redirected to a new screen with detailed info.
  • [x] On movie’s screen there is a heart icon, by tapping it you favorite the movie. On successful addition, a snackbar is shown.
  • [x] A favorited movie is indicated by a red heart. By tapping on the heart the movie will be removed from your favorites. On successful deletion, a snackbar is shown.
  • [x] Favorited movies can be retrieved by opening the app’s drawer.
  • [ ] Favorited movies don’t hold state since the project has no back-end, meaning on refresh all will be flushed. This is not an issue.
  • [x] The grid design is responsive.
Mobile & Tablet Desktop
A movies application made with Flutter / Dart A movies application made with Flutter / Dart
  • [x] There is a settings icon (three dots) where you can change theme (Dark, Light), send e-mail and visit the source code of the app.


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