This is an opinionated and effective way to provide multi-theme choice for your app.

theming depends on provider and shared_preference for state management and data retention respectively.

theming solves the issue of loading a default theme on the app startup before fetching last theme state from shared pref. After seeing this issue in two public articles, i decided to give it a try

key code

in main() and before runApp() is loaded, a single instance of SharedPreferences (none is created again thoughout the app) is gotten and passed into ThemeProvider. This is bacause it is imperative to acquire the last/previous theme state before loading the app. yes, themeProvider.assertTheme().

final pref = await SharedPreferences.getInstance();
  ThemeProvider themeProvider = ThemeProvider(pref);

the key to retaining the value of themeProvider.assertTheme() is assigning relevant data it to a static variable.

static ThemeData? _themeData;

_themeData retains its value through the creation and recreation of the ThemeProvider object in app’s lifecycle.

in what is relevant here, our variable of type ThemeData will work our trick.

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