Robinhood OTA App

Flutter OTA app for Robinhood Super Apps

Getting Started

Get packages:
    flutter pub gett

Build Android APK(ARM 32 and ARM 64):
    flutter build apk --target-platform android-arm,android-arm64 --split-per-abi

Build for iOS (Requires XCode and will require firebase setup first):
    flutter build iOS

Run on a physical device:
    flutter run --release
  • Supported devices

    • Any android above API level 16
    • Any iOS device above iOS 8
  • Naming Convention

    • Class names: PascalCase or UpperCamelCase | Eg: HomeScreen
    • File names (Dart or assets): snake_case or pothole_case | Eg: home_screen.dart
    • File names (Native Android or iOS): Follow native development conventions
    • Variable names: lowerCamelCase | Eg: String userFullName
    • Constant object names: lowerCamelCase starting with k | Eg: kCanvasBackgroundColor
    • ENUM values: lowerCamelCase | Eg: firstSelection
  • Mandatory Project Module rules.

    • Class name should should have model name as prefix | Eg: LoginAuthScreen, LoginAuthModel.
    • Enum name should have model name as prefix | Eg: LoginViewState, LoginScreenState.
    • Module name should be unique throughout the hierarchy.
    • Main Ui Screen should have Screen as a suffix | Eg: LoginAuthScreen, ErrorTimeoutScreen
    • Please Dispose controllers and blocs in dispose method of stateful widget.
    • Domain models should have Domain as suffix | Eg: LoginModelDomain, ErrorDataDomain
    • Argument Models in Domain should have ArgumentModelDomain as suffix | Eg: LoginArgumentModelDomain
    • Argument Models in View should have ArgumentModel as suffix | LoginUserArgumentModel
  • Mandatory Android Studio Settings

    • Turn on format on save
    • Turn on organize imports on save
    • Keep the default max char length i.e. 80 chars
  • Route from development to release

    • Maintainer will take a pull from the latest develop-feature branch (eg. develop-flights) and create an integration branch (eg. feature/flights/sprint1_integration)
    • Create a feature or a bugfix branch from integration branch
      • Branch name should either be feature/branch_name or bugfix/branch_name
      • feature/ or bugfix/ should be all lower case ONLY otherwise the pipeline fail
    • After making the required changes run the following commands in the terminal:
      • flutter test
      • flutter analyze
    • Once BOTH commands pass, commit the code and raise MR against the integration branch
    • Every MR requires at least 2 approvers to be merged
    • Once a sprint is over the maintainers will merge the sprint’s integration branch into develop-feature
    • Once a service is ready to go into production it will be merged into develop branch
    • develop branch is merged to main branch
    • Release/prod build is triggered from master

TODO Tesitng for Sonar


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