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  • A Flutter Grocery Shop App UI For Client Wise Customisation

    Flutter Grocery App UI Flutter Version Used : 1.22.4 Desing Credit : By Sharvaya Infotech Screens Splash Screen Welcome Screen Home Screen(Shop) Product Details Screen Categories Screen (Explore) Products Screen (After clicking any category) Filter Screen My Cart Screen Checkout Bottom Sheet Order Failed Dialog Order Accepted Screen Profile Screen GitHub View Github

  • A server driven UI library for Flutter

    Installation 🚀 First, we need to add mirai to our pubspec.yaml file. Install the plugin by running the following command from the project root: flutter pub add mirai This will add a line like this to your package’s pubspec.yaml. dependencies: mirai: ^0.0.2 And then run flutter pub get. Usage 🧑‍💻 Now that we have successfully installed mirai, we can import …

  • Bank UI implementation with help of Slivers, Glassmorphism and beautiful animations

    Bank UI Flutter Challenge 💸 Bank UI implementation with help of Slivers, Glassmorphism and beautiful animations Project info Developed with latest version of Flutter Supports Android, iOS, WEB Uses Riverpod for state management Uses Slivers for advanced scrolls and animations Demo Web Demo How to run Clone the repo git clone your_custom_project_name Install dependencies flutter pub get Run the …

  • A shoes app UI in Flutter

    myshoesapp A shoes app UI using Flutter and Firebase. [This project is still under development] The App Login Page Phone Verfication Page [ if tapped on phone icon ] Input Valid Number       Enter OTP Home Page Shoe Details Page Names of the products are different as they were passed dynamically. The aim was to make the Select Color feature …

  • A Simple News App Ui Using Flutter

    NewsApp-UIkit-Flutter This is a simple news app ui based on figma design Setup Project Step 01: run flutter pub get Step 02: flutter packages pub run build_runner build –delete-conflicting-outputs Step 03: flutter pub run Figma link Demo image License Kavindu Dissanayake GitHub

  • Veggie Seasons app with an adaptive UI

    Veggie Seasons Adaptive This demo app is an experiment of adapting Material Design 3 for an iOS audience in the context of Flutter development. It aims to achieve platform-appropriate look and feel with as little compromise on reusing code between Android and iOS as possible. The app ports Veggie Seasons, which was built with Flutter’s Cupertino library as an iOS-only …

  • A Mental Health App UI using Flutter

    Mental Health App UI Created a Mental Health App UI using Flutter. This repository can be a helpful reference for the following: BLoC Feature Driven Architecture How to use BLoC with BottomNavigationBar Implementing Complex and Cool UI Inspiration The design is taken from Dribble. Design For help getting started with Flutter development, view the online documentation, which offers tutorials, samples, …

  • Car App UI built with Flutter

    Car UI App Getting Started This is a simple app about car ui app design Plugins Google fonts “package” Get (Animation) “package” Unicons (App icons) “package” Material3 How to use this app You can install application in your device via this repo git clone cd car-app-ui flutter pub get // install plugins flutter run GitHub View Github

  • Multi Restaurant Food Delivery UI Template for Flutter

    Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App UI Template for Flutter This project is a user interface template developed using Flutter. There is a mock data source and service in the project. So you can run the application immediately to test without doing anything. There is an Envato item that uses this design. GitHub View Github

  • Bloomina Flowers UI Design with Flutter

    Bloomina Flowers UI Design with Flutter This project showcases a beautiful UI design for a flowers application using the Flutter framework. The project demonstrates the use of various Flutter widgets and tools to create an appealing and functional design for an app that displays information about different flowers. Screenshots Getting Started To run this project, you will need to have …

  • Crypto Tracker UI Design with Flutter

    Crypto Tracker UI Design Crypto Tracker Flutter project 🚀. Getting Started Download the project from Repo git clone flutter pub get flutter run Looks 👀 GitHub View Github

  • Flutter Finance App with Beautiful UI

    Finance Mobile App UI This is a Finance app where you can manage your money. Screenshots ❤️ Found this project useful? If you found this project useful, then please consider giving it a ⭐ on Github and sharing it with your friends via social media. GitHub View Github