Made this app to help me in everyday cooking in cases where I want to recalculate ingredients of a recipe

But I presume the Recipe Calculator could be used for other purposes outside the kitchen as well, where ever recipes are involved, and one needs ability to recalculate the amount of recipe ingredients, this app might help you do just that.

Using the app is rather simple, at the initial screen the user has the option to create a new Recipe by pressing on the + icon.
Further in Recipe screen, simply add your original recipe ingredients, their mass, unit of mass and under ingredient or number of servings you want to recalculate recipe for, press on the edit icon in the Recalculated/Desired amount row and enter amount you want, press again on the same icon that now changed to calculate icon and your recipe ingredients will be recalculated.

You can recalculate ingredients for your recipe according to any target ingredient/number of servings, you have in the recipe.

For example, every day on my work, I have to prepare cabbage filling for dough balls stuffed with cabbage, though, every day I get different amount of cabbage, so I simply change amount of cabbage in the app, press recalculate icon and I have all the ingredients (spices, onions, oil etc) recalculated.

There is also a Recipe Directions field in the app, where you can enter directions for a recipe, so this app can serve as Recipe keeping app as well, every Recipe you enter is locally saved on your phone, so that makes things easier, as you enter Recipe just once and there after you can use it whenever you need it.

In the app there is also a calculator included, in case you need to do some extra calculations, you can do it inside the app, no need to search for a calculator on your phone.


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