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App and Up Flutter Take Home Project


This project is the implementation of the App and Up Flutter Take Home Project.


  • Authentication with Firebase Authentication (Email + at least one social), design of the required screens is up to you.
  • Show a list of books gotten from the Google Books API
  • Allow the user to search for books
  • Replicate the design given for the page listing the books.
  • Add a detail page showing the details of the selected book, the design is up to you.
  • Allow the user to add and remove a book from his favorites by saving it on a Firebase Firestore Database.
  • BONUS: implement a Firebase Cloud Function doing something you feel worthwhile for the app.
  • BONUS: handle App responsiveness on the Desktop/Web.


The project was implemented with custom architecture similar to MVVM where

  • ViewModels are known as notifiers
  • Class Dependencies are managed using the Riverpod Providers
  • There are usage of special providers such as StreamProvider, StateProviders that comes with riverpod
  • It uses the classic repository approach
  • Services for performing network requests, contextless navigation etc are grouped as well

Build Limitations

  • The project depends on an API Key (for calling the books api) which I gitignored so kindly generate an APIKey and place an apiKey constant in lib/src/services/base/api_credentials.dart
  • Google Signin will also not work until you add a valid SHA 1 key.

When building for Web

run with PORT 5000 for Google Signin to Work i.e flutter run -d chrome –web-port=5000

Find app screenshots here


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