Flutter Radio App Templates

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the top Flutter Radio app templates and full applications for the year 2024. With these templates, you can quickly prototype your app, saving valuable development time and resources.

Whether you’re looking to create a radio app for music streaming, news broadcasting, or any other purpose, these top Flutter Radio app templates are sure to provide the foundation you need for success in 2024 and beyond.

1.Radio Online

Radio Online is a Flutter-based radio app designed to stream FM, AM, and local radio stations from across the globe. It comes equipped with a robust Admin Panel that allows for the management of an unlimited number of radio stations, categories, city stations, and much more.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

2.Multi Radio

Multi-Radio Pro transforms your dream of creating, listening, or immersing yourself in your personalized Internet Radio streaming experience into reality. It serves as the ultimate solution for all your internet radio requirements.

With Multi-Radio Pro, you have the power to tailor and customize your radio experience according to your preferences. Whether you aim to broadcast your distinct content or immerse yourself in your favorite channels worldwide, Multi-Radio Pro empowers you to do it all effortlessly, right at your fingertips.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

3.Single Radio

Single Radio empowers users to effortlessly create, listen to, and relish their personalized or favorite Internet Radio streaming experiences. With its easy customization options and detailed documentation, this application offers seamless adaptability and convenience for users to tailor their radio experience according to their preferences.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

4.Mighty Radio

Mighty Radio is an intelligent Flutter radio application that enables you to broadcast FM Radio, AM Radio, or any other radio stations using a PHP backend panel. With convenient access to media controls directly from the Notification Bar and Locked Screen, this app offers seamless management of your radio experience.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

5.Single Radio XR

Radio XR is a straightforward single-station mobile application that offers easy customization. Compatible with Icecast, streaming URLs, and Shoutcast, it allows users to listen to their preferred radio station live on both Android and iOS devices. This app is accessible to everyone, as no coding knowledge is required to publish applications. Users can launch the app by following the instructions and documentation provided in the Flutter project.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

6.Global Radio app

The Global Radio App stands out as the ultimate choice for radio enthusiasts, offering seamless creation and listening experiences for favorite radio stations including FM, AM, and local channels. Designed to excel on both Android and Flutter platforms, it features a powerful and responsive Admin Panel capable of managing an unlimited number of radio stations and categories, supporting various formats.

By leveraging the Global Radio App, users can save time and money, effortlessly accessing their favorite channels and schedules without the hassle of creating their own radio application from scratch.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

7.Alpha Radio

The Alpha Radio Mobile Template is developed using the Flutter Framework, allowing users to create both Android and iOS apps seamlessly. This template utilizes the renowned MVVM architecture, making it an excellent learning resource for beginners interested in understanding this architecture.

For developers, the Alpha Radio Mobile Template offers a time-saving solution by providing pre-designed UI components.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates


Multi-Radio, a versatile mobile application designed for seamless live streaming of multiple radio stations, now enhanced with video streaming capabilities. With support for Icecast and Shoutcast streaming URLs, this app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a wide reach.

Featuring AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ads integration, Multi-Radio presents a lucrative opportunity for potential earnings. Its user-friendly interface and simple setup instructions make it accessible to users without coding knowledge, enabling effortless enjoyment of preferred radio stations on the go.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates


OneRadio, a dynamic and user-friendly mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Seamlessly integrating Icecast and Shoutcast streaming URLs, OneRadio grants you effortless access to a wide array of radio stations, bringing the world of music and talk shows directly to your fingertips.

OneRadio prioritizes customization, offering users the freedom to tailor the app to their liking without the need for coding expertise. Featuring built-in AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ads, you can effortlessly generate revenue while delivering an exceptional listening experience to your audience. Unlock the potential of your radio passion by earning money while providing top-notch content to your users with OneRadio.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

10.WordPress Flutter Radio App

This Flutter radio app for WordPress offers a comprehensive solution, catering to mobile, web, and desktop applications. Engineered with a focus on reliability, it encompasses numerous advanced features to ensure an exceptional user experience. Seamlessly integrating with the Radio Station plugin, this app enhances functionality and extends capabilities for an enriched radio listening experience.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates


Elevate your multimedia experience with DTTube, a revolutionary Flutter app that pushes the boundaries of entertainment. Dive into a world where video, radio, music, podcasts, and reels converge seamlessly on one comprehensive platform. Available for both Android and iOS, DTTube delivers a dynamic and immersive user experience comparable to that of YouTube.

With its feature-rich Laravel admin panel, subscription plans, AdMob integration, and support for payment gateways, DTTube sets the standard for all-in-one media applications, providing users with unparalleled versatility and convenience.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates


The Ultimate Online Radio Flutter App is a comprehensive and feature-rich application built on the Flutter framework for both iOS and Android platforms. It enables users to access and enjoy online radio stations from across the globe, offering a user-friendly interface and seamless functionality for an immersive radio listening experience.

This full-fledged application boasts a vast collection of radio stations covering diverse genres such as music, news, and sports. Users can effortlessly browse through the extensive list, search for specific stations or genres, and mark favorites for quick access.

12 Best Flutter Radio App Templates

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