Flutter Cryptocurrency Templates

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits

Cryptocurrency has become a significant player in the global financial landscape, and with its rise, the demand for intuitive and feature-rich crypto apps has soared.

To meet this demand, we’ve curated a selection of 22 best Flutter Crypto App Templates for 2024. These templates provide developers a starting point for creating apps related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

These templates typically include features such as price tickers, charts, wallets, and exchange platforms, catering to the needs of the crypto industry.

1.Crypto and Wallet UI kit

The Crypto and Wallet UI Kit is a comprehensive collection of user interface elements designed specifically for creating cryptocurrency and wallet-themed applications for both Android and iOS devices. With over 60 screens featuring various UI designs, this kit offers a wide range of options to suit different application requirements.

Whether you’re building a cryptocurrency exchange platform, a digital wallet app, or any other related application, this UI kit provides the necessary components to create a visually appealing and functional user interface.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


CryptoCoin is a comprehensive Flutter application tailored to enhance users’ crypto experience and augment their portfolio value. Specifically designed for lending platform providers, CryptoCoin enables tracking changes in rates with precision and efficiency. With real-time rate tracking capabilities, users can stay informed about the latest trends and information in the cryptocurrency market.

With multi-language support, CryptoCoin offers a personalized user experience tailored to individual preferences. Experience the convenience and ease of accessing crypto-related information with CryptoCoin.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits

3.Crypto Trade & Wallet

The Crypto Trade & Wallet app offers a comprehensive solution for cryptocurrency trading and wallet management, featuring 30+ animated screens with a variety of UI components. This kit is designed to streamline the development process by providing pre-built front-end layouts, saving developers valuable time and effort.

By leveraging the Crypto Trade & Wallet app, developers can easily integrate live cryptocurrency data and trading functionalities into their applications, enhancing the user experience and providing valuable features for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


CryptoX is a cryptocurrency trading app template developed using Flutter, ensuring support for both Android and iOS platforms. This app allows users to access detailed information about various cryptocurrencies, buy and sell crypto assets, and perform other related transactions.

With its sleek and modern design, CryptoX offers an aesthetically pleasing user experience. Additionally, it is optimized for performance and comes with well-organized code, making it easy to customize according to specific preferences or requirements.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


Embark on an immersive journey into the world of cryptocurrency with GoCrypto. Unlock the full potential of your crypto journey with GoCrypto’s cutting-edge features, robust wallet management, and responsive design. Download the app template today to redefine your approach to cryptocurrency trading.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


MineLab is a comprehensive crypto mining mobile application built using Flutter for both Android and iOS platforms. It is accompanied by the «MineLab-Cloud Crypto Mining Platform» CMS, offering seamless management capabilities.

With MineLab, users can effortlessly engage in crypto mining activities, leveraging its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


SignalLab is a sophisticated Trading Signal Solution designed for those looking to establish their Trading or forex signal website with added functionality. With seamless Email, SMS, and Telegram Integration, SignalLab empowers users to access trading signals conveniently.

With approximately 10 million forex traders worldwide, including 3.2 million in Asia, and significant numbers in Europe and North America, there’s a growing demand for trading solutions. SignalLab caters to this burgeoning market, providing a comprehensive solution for signal businesses.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


LocalCoins is a sophisticated Peer To Peer Crypto Exchange system, designed for individuals looking to launch their Crypto Exchange Escrow System. This platform allows users to register directly through the registration page and utilize the LocalCoins user panel to create Buy or Sell crypto exchange trades.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


Signally is a comprehensive Forex, Stocks, and Crypto Trading Signal Platform offered as a Software as a Service. This package includes Android, iOS, a landing page, and a web admin interface to efficiently manage signals. With Signally, you get four apps for the price of one, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

With Signally, managing unlimited users, plans, and subscribers is made easy. The app also facilitates payment acceptance through in-app purchases, with crypto payments coming soon. This means you can quickly set up your website and start generating revenue within minutes.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


CrypInvest is a comprehensive investment platform accessible through Android and iOS apps, a user-friendly website, and an intuitive Admin Panel. It offers a range of premium features including a secure Crypto Wallet, support for 20+ diverse cryptocurrencies, personalized Investment Plans, a Referral System, Multi-Level fund management, rapid withdrawals, and robust security with KYC and Google Authenticator integration.

With a responsive support system that includes Live Chat and Support Tickets, CrypInvest is dedicated to assisting your customers effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the world of cryptocurrency, CrypInvest provides a reliable and secure platform for managing your investments and maximizing your returns.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits

11.Tradexpro Exchange

Tradexpro Exchange is a comprehensive crypto exchange platform built using Flutter. The application boasts a clean, well-structured, and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for users. With its creative and modern design, coupled with great UI/UX, Tradexpro Exchange offers an exceptional trading environment.

As the best choice for buying, selling, or exchanging any cryptocurrency, Tradexpro Exchange operates via BitGo API, CoinPayment Merchant API, or Bitcoin fork node. Users can connect their accounts with BitGo or CoinPayment merchant services, or alternatively, utilize Tradexpro Exchange’s own hosted BTC-based node for transactions.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


Cryptox is a comprehensive cryptocurrency app designed to provide users with easy access to cryptocurrency prices, charts, and market capitalizations. With data on over 10,000 cryptocurrencies, users can stay informed about the latest market trends.

One of Cryptox’s key features is portfolio tracking, allowing users to manage their complete portfolio of cryptocurrencies bought and sold on exchanges like Binance, Uniswap, WazirX, Kraken, KuCoin, and more. With Cryptox, users can conveniently track the current value of their coins without the need to open multiple wallets, providing a streamlined experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits

13.Crypto Pulse

Crypto Pulse is a Flutter template meticulously crafted to enhance your cryptocurrency app development journey. With Crypto Pulse, you gain access to a wealth of resources designed to maximize efficiency and flexibility in your app development process.

Featuring over 40 intricately designed screens and 50 versatile widgets, Crypto Pulse offers a comprehensive foundation for building a sophisticated cryptocurrency tracking app. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the world of cryptocurrency app development, Crypto Pulse provides the tools and resources you need to create a standout app with ease.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits

14.Ultimate Crypto Wallet Solution

the Ultimate Crypto Wallet Solution, a fully functional mobile app coupled with an intuitive Admin Panel. This innovative wallet goes beyond mere transactions, offering users the ultimate cryptocurrency management experience.

With a comprehensive, ready-to-publish platform, the Ultimate Crypto Wallet Solution delivers both the visual elegance users crave and the robust backend infrastructure essential for seamless crypto transactions.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


CryptoPouch Mobile App UI Kit – an essential tool to support your crypto wallet app development journey. Whether you’re building a crypto exchange, startup, or catering to investors and traders of all kinds, CryptoPouch is designed to meet your needs.

With over 30+ user-friendly screens, neatly organized for easy customization, CryptoPouch accelerates your app development process.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the crypto space, CryptoPouch empowers you to design clear, intuitive mobile apps for crypto operations faster and easier than ever before.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


Viper, a specialized application designed exclusively for Crypto wallets, money transactions, banking apps, and other finance-related applications. Featuring a modern, clean, and meticulously detailed UI design for both iOS and Android platforms, Viper provides a sophisticated user experience.

With Viper, you have the flexibility to easily customize the screens, allowing for seamless integration and personalization to suit your project’s requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the world of finance apps, Viper offers unparalleled ease of use and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for your next crypto wallet or finance-related project.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


Tailored for entrepreneurs eager to embark on their crypto journey, AdCrypto offers seamless compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms, complemented by an intuitive website and efficient admin panels.

AdCrypto is packed with essential features, including a cryptocurrency exchange, buying and selling crypto, and smooth withdrawals, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

With AdCrypto, entrepreneurs can confidently step into the world of cryptocurrency, equipped with a powerful platform that combines functionality, ease of use, and connectivity to drive success in their crypto ventures.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


xCrypto is a comprehensive application template for a Crypto Currency Wallet, representing a digital and decentralized form of currency. Designed for those interested in developing their own Crypto Currency Wallet Android and iOS app, xCrypto offers a perfect solution. Developed using Flutter, it provides a full application UI KIT with over 30+ awesome screens featuring various kinds of UI.

xCrypto simplifies the app development process for all developers, making it accessible to anyone interested in running apps. With clear project instructions, xCrypto ensures ease of use and implementation, allowing developers to create their own Crypto Currency Wallet app with confidence and efficiency.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


Pexeer, the Cryptocurrency Exchange Mobile Application available for both Android and iOS platforms. This application boasts a fully clean, well-structured, smooth, and user-friendly interface, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Pexeer supports all cryptocurrency wallets, including Coin Payment, Deposit, Withdrawal, and features a robust Referral system. It offers a comprehensive trading system where users can make offers to others, buy or sell coins based on their preferences of coin price rates, and securely fund escrow, ensuring the safety of their funds.

With Pexeer, users can engage in cryptocurrency trading with confidence, knowing that their transactions are secure and their experience is seamless.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


Coinpool, a cryptocurrency portfolio management Flutter app UI kit template designed for tracking live cryptocurrency prices, charts, and market changes. With Coinpool, users can easily stay updated on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market.

Whether you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor, or trader, Coinpool offers a user-friendly interface and robust features to help you effectively manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. Stay informed and make informed decisions with Coinpool.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


CryptoPay, a cutting-edge template designed specifically for crypto and bitcoin mobile apps, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges. With CryptoPay, users can easily track their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolios, making it an essential tool for investors and traders in the crypto space.

This UI Kit is not only suitable for crypto and financial/stock-related projects, but it’s also highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor it to their specific needs. The screens included in CryptoPay are versatile and can be used for various product designs, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits


Crypto Swap, the ultimate app for seamless cryptocurrency swapping. Whether you’re looking to swap bitcoin for ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, Crypto Swap has you covered. With features like swap list, swap history, and Connect Wallet integrated for smooth and easy navigation, Crypto Swap offers a user-friendly experience for both Android and iOS users.

Experience the convenience of swapping cryptocurrencies on the go, with Crypto Swap providing a secure and efficient platform for all your crypto trading needs. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of choosing between light and dark modes of the theme to suit your preferences.

22 Best Flutter Crypto App Templates and UI Kits

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