Noor App

Noor is an islamic mobile app, consists of four main pages: home, favorite, alsabha, and settings. The data is structured in Cards that are easy to read, and has some actions that can be performed with the card content. Noor is designed to help in providing a comfortable reading experience for Muslims, by referencing the book «Hisnul Muslim», and some other references.

This project contains the codebase for the Android version that is on Play Store, it can run on iOS as well. Built with Flutter, and Firebase.

App Preview

How to run

Note: the assets were replaced by placeholders, so the version you will run locally is different in look than the version in stores.

1. Firebase Setup

It’s important to put your own Firebase service file in order to run the app, as it uses Remote Config and Firebase Messaging.

  1. Create a new Firebase project.
  2. Add a new Android or iOS app, depending on which device you want to use, and follow the configuration steps to connect Noor to your Firebase project.
  3. Go to Remote Config page.
  4. Add a new parameter with name noorThker, with any value of your choice.
  5. Go to Cloud Messaging page, and enable it for your project.
  6. (Soon) follow the steps in this repo, which contains the backend function that will be triggered whenevr you update the Remote Config value from the console.

2. Run

  1. Clone the project:
git clone
  1. Get packages:
flutter pub get
  1. Run:
flutter run


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