Auto App Translate

It is a library that translates apps into 80 languages and automates settings.

How to Use?

1. Setup the config file

  easy_localization: ^3.0.2-dev
  easy_localization_loader: ^1.0.0
    - assets/localization.done.csv

2. Create the asset folder and insert the localization.csv file.

lozalization.csv file download

3. Config easy_localization library. Please refer to the official documentation.

import 'package:app_auto_translation/callable/core_my/my_language_code/entity/flutter_support_language_locale.dart';
import 'package:easy_localization/easy_localization.dart';
import 'package:easy_localization_loader/easy_localization_loader.dart';

void main() async {
  await EasyLocalization.ensureInitialized();
        supportedLocales: flutterLocalizeSupportLanguagesLocale,
        path: 'assets/localization.csv', 
        assetLoader: CsvAssetLoader(), // <- important option for translation
        fallbackLocale: const Locale('en', 'US'),
        child: const MyApp()

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
            localizationsDelegates: context.localizationDelegates,
            supportedLocales: context.supportedLocales,
            locale: context.locale,
            home: MyHomePage()

4. Fill in the localization file.

Fill in str for the key value and the standard language (start translate language) column.

5. use tr() in your code for localization.

import 'package:easy_localization/easy_localization.dart';

tr('hello world')

6. Create a dart file in your project and paste the code below.

Location doesn’t matter.

import 'package:auto_app_translate/auto_app_translate.dart';

main() {
    // start translate language
    startLanguageCode: 'en',
    // language code to skip translation
    skipLanguageCodes: [],
    // str to skip translation
    skipStr: [],
    // csv file path
    appAssetsCsvPath: 'assets/localization.csv',
    // google translate api key (

It works even if you don’t put the Google Translate api key, but you will soon reach the free limit.
For a guide to getting the Google Translate api key, please refer to this document.

7. Run the file. The translation will be completed in the csv file.

8. Check out apps translated into more than 80 languages 🙂


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