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On any given working day approximately 40% of the roads in urban India are taken up for just parking the cars !!!
The global average of time spent looking for a parking spot is 20 minutes,If we could somehow minimize this time it could save people a lot of time daily.
We have developed a mobile app that can help people find parking spots around their current location easily and on-demand
.A simple hassle-free process that involves pulling up into the parking spot and engaging it at the click of a button.
We incorporate the use of a image recognition model that automatically detects whether the parking spot is empty or full

For more details-

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  • Easily find empty parking spots nearby.
  • Get directions to the parking spot of your choice.
  • Host your own parking space and get paid for it.
  • Easy check-in to the spot after pulling in.
  • Be charged on hourly basis for the use of the parking space.
  • User authentication.


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How To Use

Software Requirements

VSCode or Android Studio


Install the dependencies by running:

npm install
flutter pub get

Run using Command Prompt

    node start
    flutter run

Tech stack

Frontend : Flutter
Backend : Nodejs
Database : MongoDB

Developed by Deepanshu Vangani , Parth Shah , Sakshi Shelar and Hiral Sheth


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