It’s Money

A simple fun application created with Flutter.
Download here.

General Information

  • It’s Money is a simple fun application that predicts your salary after your placements based on your interest among Competitive Programming, and Development.
  • I did this project to get some hands on the front-end part of the Flutter.

Technologies Used

  • Flutter – version >=2.10.0
  • Dart – version >=2.17.1 <3.0.0


List the ready features here:

  • It predicts your salary after placements based on:-
    • your interest in one among the Competitive Programming and Development.
    • how much you’re interested in your chosen field?
    • how much hours do you put in your chosen field?
    • how much experience do you have in your chosen field?
  • You can toggle between dark and light mode based on your comfort.



$ Clone the project.
$ Open it on Android Studio, or Visual Studio Code or any other IDE that supports the technologies used.
$ Run the following command on the terminal:- "flutter pub get".
$ Select the device where you want to run this project.
$ Run the project.


  • Run the app.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Select your interest in one among the CP(Competitive Programming), and DEV(Development).
  • Choose your desired value for your selected interest.
  • Click on the bottom button to calculate your package.
  • If you want to toggle between dark and night mode, tap on the right corner of the app bar.

Project Status

Project is: no longer being worked on. Because I feel that there is no room for any improvements or any new features to be added.


Created by @superiorsd10
Email:- Sachin Dapkara – feel free to contact me!


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