A simple maze game in Flutter

A simple maze game in Flutter. It also serves as a CustomPainter example.

A simple maze game in Flutter


In another project, I needed to create a «simple» maze game that can be used in low-end devices, so game engine was not an option.

Suddenly, I found a way to do it in pure Android.

So, this is a «port» of that saviour example.

Maze package

You can use it in your project, you only need to add the dependency:

    sdk: flutter
  maze_game: 2.0.0

Now you can create your Maze:

    player: MazeItem(
    columns: 6,
    rows: 12,
    wallThickness: 4.0,
    wallColor: Theme.of(context).primaryColor,
    finish: MazeItem(
    onFinish: () => print('Hi from finish line!'))


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