CyBear Jinni App

CyBear Jinni App written in Flutter

This repository is in charge of the CyBear Jinni App and is part of the CyBear Jinni Smart Home system.

The CyBear Jinni App lets you control and manage the CyBear Jinni smart devices through your Android, IOS and Web Browser.

The CBJ App is written in Flutter and let you control all the CBJ Smart Devices using local Wi-Fi and remotely through Google Cloud Firestore.

To get the project running

App preparations:

First install the app

CyBear Jinni App written in Flutter

Connecting the smart device to the CyBear Jinni App:

Make sure your smart device have both Security Bear and Smart Device installed.

Now we need to link the smart device from inside the phone app.

In the app after login go to: «Devices» tab –> Press the three dots in the top right corner –> Press the «Add Devices» button –> connect the app to home WiFi –> Open Hotspot/Access point in the android settings with the user name and password «CyBear Jinni» –> Choose device and set it up with name and room.

That’s it.

Now the new device can be found in «Devices» tab inside his category and can be controlled from our CyBear Jinni App 😁.

Instructions for developers and testers

To run the app and start developing or testing check this Wiki.

To learn the coding guidelines check this Wiki.

Instructions for creating your own smart home

Do not use the default Firebase configuration for your Smart Device devices at home, it is only for testing and development purposes.
The app was not tested on IOS.

Instructions for creating your smart home can be found in the Wiki page


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