Live Location Tracking App

A Social App Flutter project to allow users share their location among multiple groups and being able to get updated about whereabouts of other group members simultaneously on a shared Google map screen.

app name- locationtracker

package name- com.example.locationtracker

packages used – Firebase, Google Maps Flutter, Geoflutterfire


Currently Email/ Password based Authentication is used for user verification and registration supported by Fireabase Authentication. User is provided with option to create or join multiple groups with option to add or remove members anytime as per need. Location of all the members in the group is shared collectively on a Common google maps Screen with the help of location markers. Users can also chat in their respective groups.

Authentication screens

Welcome Screen Welcome Screen Register Screen Login Screen

Light Mode

Groups Screen(light) Maps screen(light) Drawer(light) Chat Screen(light)

Dark Mode

Groups Screen(dark) Maps screen(dark) Drawer(dark) Chat Screen(dark)


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