About Fleather

Soft and gentle rich text editing for Flutter applications based on Zefyr.

Clean and modern look

Fleather’s rich text editor is built with simplicity and flexibility in
mind. It provides clean interface for distraction-free editing. Think
Medium.com-like experience.

Markdown-inspired semantics

Ever needed to have a heading line inside of a quote block, like in
this Markdown block:

I’m a Markdown heading

And I’m a regular paragraph

Fleather can deliver exactly that.

Ready for collaborative editing

Fleather’s document model uses data format compatible with
Operational Transformation which makes it possible to use for
collaborative editing use cases or whenever there is a need for
conflict-free resolution of changes.

Fleather editor uses Quill.js Delta as underlying data format. Read
more about Fleather and Deltas in our documentation.
Make sure to checkout official documentation for Delta format
as well.


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