About this Project

Uber simulation app using:
-Firestore Database.
-Firebase Auth.
-geolocation with Geolocator and Geocoding libs.
-StreamSubscription listener.


-registered user authentication.
-real-time location on both devices.
-service value calculation.


-the base project course was made with Flutter 2.0 < , so I had to refactor almost the entirety including adding Nullsafety.
-this project was made based on the course Desenvolvimento Android e IOS com Flutter, from
Udemy, but due to the frequent updates of Flutter many functionalities and syntax have changed, so I fixed it by searching one by one.
This challenge sure made me improve my skills! lol
In the end it was pretty cool!

Made in

-Flutter 3.0.1 • channel stable.
-Dart SDK version: 2.17.1 (stable).

if you liked, contribute by giving a ⭐ !! I’ll be grateful 😁


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