Medium App Clone

Medium app clpne developped with Dart/Flutter framework, getx for state management, used dummy data to showcase (for now at least)

📱Screen shots

📝 Tasks

  • Bottom navigation bar
  • Home page
    • Header
      • Page title
      • icon
    • Tab bar with TabModel()
      • Fixed / Sticky tab bar on scroll with possibility to navigate
        • Fixed only on down scroll, while on top’s will display the header again
      • Gradient effect on corners
      • Plus icon will show different view than other tag
    • Divider
    • Floating action button
    • Articles tab bar view
      • Shimmer loading effect
      • Lazy articles loading
    • Articles card from ArticleModel()
      • Author informations (profile, image, author)
      • Main informations (title, article image)
        • Community name if it exists for article
      • Dynamic date of publish, date of last read
      • Action Icons with their enum
        • add article to bookmark
        • Remove article from view action
        • Pop up menu actions
    • Articles card for ‘For you‘ tag only
      • With tag chips
      • With reason to show as ‘based on history ‘, ‘you might like’
    • Articles card for other tags
      • Based on ‘For you’ article card
    • Circular refresh indicator on swipe
  • Search page
    • Header inherited fom home page’s
    • Search Bar
    • Tags chips scroll view
      • Chip inherited from home’s article cards
      • Able to react on(Tap , PanDown , PanCancel , PanEnd)
    • Trending subtitle
    • Trending card articles
      • Dynamic enumerations for articles
      • Author informations inherited from home’s article card
      • Main informations inherited from home’s article card
      • Date informations inherited from home’s article card
      • shimmer effect
    • Highlights from all corners scroll view
      • Title / Subtitle
      • Highlight card from HighlightModel()
        • Header image
        • Title
        • Corner / Community
    • People to follow
      • Profile image
      • Author
      • Bio
      • Follow button
  • Bookmarks page
  • User profile page
  • Add article page
  • Choose tags page
  • notification page
  • Complete reading over context notification

📈 Usage

First, make sure you have at least Flutter v3.3 and Dart v2.16.0
Then run this in the Cmd (Command line)

git clone
cd medium_app_clone
flutter get packages
flutter run

✏️ Contribute

You can be a part of this project by contributing / helping in this project
every type of contribution are welcome in this project from :

  • Using the app and declaring issues, bugs, features
  • Correcting spells and bad code syntax
  • Making things reactive like hover / tap effects, search bar reacts
  • Refactoring code
  • Add more widgets, screens if you can
  • Doing missing tasks on the tasks list
  • Writing a feature
  • Changing the icons to a lighter one, cause Icon in flutter aren’t light (you can use svg, or a library)
  • Linking to a real api ( I know this is my job and I will do it inchallah )
  • Or pretty everything else 🙂


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