Medium App Clone

Medium app clpne developped with Dart/Flutter framework, getx for state management, used dummy data to showcase (for now at least)

馃摫Screen shots

馃摑 Tasks

  • Bottom navigation bar
  • Home page
    • Header
      • Page title
      • icon
    • Tab bar with TabModel()
      • Fixed / Sticky tab bar on scroll with possibility to navigate
        • Fixed only on down scroll, while on top鈥檚 will display the header again
      • Gradient effect on corners
      • Plus icon will show different view than other tag
    • Divider
    • Floating action button
    • Articles tab bar view
      • Shimmer loading effect
      • Lazy articles loading
    • Articles card from ArticleModel()
      • Author informations (profile, image, author)
      • Main informations (title, article image)
        • Community name if it exists for article
      • Dynamic date of publish, date of last read
      • Action Icons with their enum
        • add article to bookmark
        • Remove article from view action
        • Pop up menu actions
    • Articles card for 鈥For you鈥 tag only
      • With tag chips
      • With reason to show as 鈥榖ased on history 鈥, 鈥榶ou might like鈥
    • Articles card for other tags
      • Based on 鈥楩or you鈥 article card
    • Circular refresh indicator on swipe
  • Search page
    • Header inherited fom home page鈥檚
    • Search Bar
    • Tags chips scroll view
      • Chip inherited from home鈥檚 article cards
      • Able to react on(Tap , PanDown , PanCancel , PanEnd)
    • Trending subtitle
    • Trending card articles
      • Dynamic enumerations for articles
      • Author informations inherited from home鈥檚 article card
      • Main informations inherited from home鈥檚 article card
      • Date informations inherited from home鈥檚 article card
      • shimmer effect
    • Highlights from all corners scroll view
      • Title / Subtitle
      • Highlight card from HighlightModel()
        • Header image
        • Title
        • Corner / Community
    • People to follow
      • Profile image
      • Author
      • Bio
      • Follow button
  • Bookmarks page
  • User profile page
  • Add article page
  • Choose tags page
  • notification page
  • Complete reading over context notification

馃搱 Usage

First, make sure you have at least Flutter v3.3 and Dart v2.16.0
Then run this in the Cmd (Command line)

git clone
cd medium_app_clone
flutter get packages
flutter run

鉁忥笍 Contribute

You can be a part of this project by contributing / helping in this project
every type of contribution are welcome in this project from :

  • Using the app and declaring issues, bugs, features
  • Correcting spells and bad code syntax
  • Making things reactive like hover / tap effects, search bar reacts
  • Refactoring code
  • Add more widgets, screens if you can
  • Doing missing tasks on the tasks list
  • Writing a feature
  • Changing the icons to a lighter one, cause Icon in flutter aren鈥檛 light (you can use svg, or a library)
  • Linking to a real api ( I know this is my job and I will do it inchallah )
  • Or pretty everything else 馃檪


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