Flutter Food Templates

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

For developers looking to build food ordering, delivery, and recipe apps, Flutter offers a plethora of options to streamline the development process.

In this post, we’ll explore the best 32 Flutter food app templates available on the market today. These pre-built templates provide developers with a head start, allowing them to quickly build a food app without having to start from scratch. Whether you’re building an app for a restaurant, grocery delivery service, recipe platform, or any other food-related application, there’s a template available to fit your needs.

From customizable UI components to advanced features like real-time order tracking and payment integration, these Flutter food app templates offer a range of functionalities to cater to various business requirements.

With these templates, developers can save time and effort while delivering a polished and feature-rich mobile app experience for their users.

1.Food Delivery Flutter + PHP Laravel Admin Panel

Multi-Restaurants Food Delivery App + Admin Panel – your all-in-one solution for launching a successful food delivery business. With this comprehensive package, you can create your own multi-restaurant food delivery app complete with a powerful admin dashboard.

The end user app allows customers to easily browse and place orders from multiple restaurants, while the admin panel empowers restaurant owners to efficiently manage and accept orders, ultimately enhancing their business operations.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business looking to expand into the food delivery market, this solution provides everything you need to kickstart your venture and thrive in the competitive food delivery industry.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

2.StackFood Multi Restaurant

StackFood is a comprehensive multi-restaurant food delivery system crafted with Laravel and Flutter frameworks. It offers a robust admin panel and highly responsive mobile apps, ensuring a seamless user experience. StackFood stands out in the market due to its features and benefits, promising to revolutionize the online food ordering and delivery business. With a compelling value proposition, StackFood aims to attract customers seeking a complete package for their food delivery needs.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

3.Foodie | UberEats Clone

Foodie is a comprehensive food delivery solution comprising three mobile applications, two web panels, and a website. The customer app, restaurant app, and driver app are all built using Flutter for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring cross-platform compatibility. Additionally, there are two web panels: a Super Admin panel developed with Laravel and Firebase, and a web panel for restaurants also built with Laravel and Firebase. With this extensive suite of applications and panels, Foodie offers a complete solution for managing food delivery operations efficiently.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates


FoodKing is an advanced food delivery app and restaurant management system suitable for single and multi-branch restaurants. It offers a comprehensive POS system and intuitive applications, including customer, delivery personnel, and website interfaces. The system is anchored by a feature-rich admin panel developed with Laravel Framework and Vue, providing efficient management of all restaurant operations. With FoodKing’s powerful tools, users can expect accelerated growth and streamlined management of their restaurant businesses.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates


MealUp is a comprehensive food ordering Flutter app designed to cater to the needs of multiple restaurants and food outlets. With MealUp, businesses can kickstart their food delivery services using ready-made on-demand solutions that are fully customizable and white-labeled.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

6.eFood – Kitchen/Chef App

The eFood Kitchen app serves as a crucial component within the eFood single restaurant food delivery project. Tailored specifically for tablets but also compatible with mobile phones, this application empowers restaurants to efficiently manage various orders within the kitchen for cooking purposes. Additionally, it enables seamless communication and updates regarding the status of each order directly from the kitchen. With its intuitive design and functionality, the eFood Kitchen app enhances operational efficiency and ensures timely and accurate order fulfillment, ultimately contributing to a superior dining experience for customers.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

7.Food Recipes Flutter App

The Food Recipes App is a comprehensive solution that is ready for deployment, offering a Laravel PHP admin panel to efficiently manage categories, recipes, cuisine, and notifications. With its intuitive interface and thorough documentation, this app provides a seamless experience for users and administrators alike.

By leveraging the capabilities of Flutter, the Food Recipes App delivers a modern and responsive user experience, while the Laravel PHP admin panel empowers administrators to efficiently manage content and notifications, ensuring smooth operation and timely updates.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates


eRestro presents a comprehensive Food Delivery Restaurant Management System, complete with user and delivery apps, accompanied by a robust admin panel built on the CodeIgniter framework, ensuring streamlined management of restaurant operations. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, eRestro offers a customizable, reliable, and thoroughly tested app code, with a clean and maintainable coding structure to facilitate seamless customization and future updates.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

9.Restaurant QR Menu

Whether you are a single food outlet or multi-outlet restaurant owner, having a restaurant app is crucial for the success. Enhance food ordering experience for your customers with this stunning UI elements and user-friendly navigation system. Benefiting both – Admin and Users, this Restaurant QR Menu Flutter App can offer a range of functions to manage restaurants efficiently.

Restaurant QR Menu is an intuitively built, new Flutter app – Restaurant QR Menu. Backed with a powerful admin panel support, launch a brand new app or revise any restaurant mobile app with this scalable and full customizable Flutter mobile app. The Restaurant QR Menu is a food-industry focused solution with a set of essential functionalities and features to suit modern restaurant businesses. Designed and developed to empower restaurant owners, this Restaurant QR Menu app comes with a striking balance of text and visuals to provide ultimate digital experience to customers. Loaded with advance technology, this Flutter app with admin panel comes with QR code scanning for Menu.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates


cooking recipe app designed for cooking enthusiasts and YouTube chefs alike. This amazing recipe app boasts a consistent design and vivid use of UI elements, making it the perfect starting point for launching a classic food recipe mobile application. Users can easily sift through a plethora of recipes, save their favorites, and browse from the mobile-friendly user interface with ease.

Ideal for food fanatics and at-home cooking chefs looking to share their mouth-watering recipes, the admin of this app has the capability to create and manage recipes efficiently. With optimized search functionality, users can quickly find recipes tailored to their preferences. Additionally, the app allows for the convenient management of shopping lists, making grocery shopping a breeze.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

11.Foodivery App

The Foodivery App offers a complete solution for online food delivery, featuring mobile apps for users, vendors, and drivers, along with an admin panel and API+DB integration. With the motto of «Spreading smiles one delicious delivery at a time,» Foodivery aims to provide a seamless dining experience where food orders are efficiently connected with vendors and smoothly assigned to dedicated drivers for swift delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates


Grocery Shopping App UI Kit is clean and customizable UI template with flutter code. In this template, you can develope grocery, food & vegetable shopping App for Android and iOS platforms.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

13.Pro Food Delivery

This extraordinary app boasts an elegant array of features, including real-time order notifications, revolutionizing the delivery process for both customers and administrators.

With its integrated payment system, customers can enjoy effortless transactions, making the ordering process smoother and more convenient than ever before. Additionally, This app provides a mobile admin feature, allowing administrators to manage items with ease and efficiency, all with just a few taps on their mobile devices.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

14.Flutter Food Delivery App for WooCommerce

the Flutter Food Delivery App for WooCommerce, unlocking infinite possibilities for restaurant owners and eateries. Flutter source code is meticulously crafted to transform the way food businesses operate, enabling them to streamline services and enhance customer satisfaction.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates


The Online Food Delivery Flutter UI Kit is the perfect solution for creating an online food ordering and delivery app. With this comprehensive kit, you can effortlessly manage and automate the entire food delivery process, from order placement to doorstep delivery.

Explore the list of all food items with ease, and add them to your cart effortlessly by simply selecting the desired items. The UI kit also features an easily accessible menu where you can open your order history, enabling you to reorder quickly from past orders.

Developed and designed for developers using Flutter, the Foodish – Online Food Delivery Flutter UI Kit contains over 120 screens with light and dark themes. It includes many ready-to-use screens, widgets, and features that can be used for multiple purposes and applications on both iOS and Android devices.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

16.Utilmate – Food Flutter App Template

Utilmate – Food & Drink Flutter App Template is a Flutter Native Mobile app that demo UI for Android and iPhone with unique & creative with high quality & modern darkmode design. This package included 10+ screens fully customizable layers & easily editing with Flutter.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

17.Food Explorer

Food Explorer is a single restaurant food delivery app developed in Flutter, ensuring compatibility with both Android and iPhone devices. This app caters to restaurants offering food delivery services to their clients, including cafes, pizza parlors, burger joints, fast-food outlets, and more.

This app is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for both restaurant owners and customers, allowing for efficient order management and timely deliveries. With Food Explorer, restaurant owners can enhance their food delivery services and reach a wider audience, while customers can enjoy the convenience of ordering their favorite meals with just a few taps on their smartphones.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

18.EatClean Food App

The EatClean Food App is an online food delivery Flutter 3.x UI template designed for both Android and iOS platforms. With this versatile template, users can effortlessly order food online, ensuring a convenient and seamless dining experience.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

19.Flutter Food Hub

The Flutter Food Hub is a comprehensive food delivery app with an integrated admin panel, designed to provide users with a seamless ordering experience.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

20.Flutter Foodybite

Foodybite is an innovative application designed for food enthusiasts who enjoy exploring different restaurants and cuisines. With Foodybite, users can embark on a culinary adventure, discovering new dining experiences and sharing their thoughts and reviews with others.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

21.Restaurant App

The Restaurant Flutter Mobile App is a powerful tool that empowers your business with a scalable and reliable solution, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction, and driving growth. With its cross-platform compatibility, you can reach a broader audience by launching your app on both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

22.GoEat Dineout

The GoEat Dineout UI kit is a meticulously crafted and well-documented resource for building a restaurant table booking app or food ordering platform. With its sleek design, it offers a visually appealing interface that is ready to use out of the box. The current color scheme and typography are tailored for creating beautiful and attractive dineout apps, ensuring a delightful user experience.

Whether you’re building a table booking app, food ordering platform, or both, the GoEat Dineout UI kit offers a comprehensive solution with a focus on aesthetics, usability, and functionality. With its well-documented codebase and intuitive design elements, developers can expedite the app development process and deliver a polished and professional product to their users.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

23.Foodie POS

The POS (Point-of-Sale) system is a comprehensive solution available for both web and mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. It caters to restaurant owners who prioritize delivering high-quality food to their customers efficiently and seamlessly.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

24.KING BURGER restaurant

The KING BURGER restaurant with Ingredients & delivery boy full flutter application is a comprehensive solution designed for single restaurants offering food delivery services to their clients. This versatile app can be utilized by various types of restaurants, including cafes, pizza parlors, burger joints, fast-food outlets, and more.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

25.FreshFoodi App

The FreshFoodi App is a powerful online restaurant food ordering solution built using Flutter. With this app template, your business can leverage a scalable and reliable platform to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

26.EasyGo – Dineout & Table Booking

EasyGo is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance dining experiences and streamline restaurant bookings. It offers a variety of features tailored to meet the needs of both diners and restaurant owners.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates


Indulge in the ease of exploring a wide range of culinary delights with GoFoods – the premier Multiple Restaurants Food Delivery App crafted for both Android and iOS platforms, utilizing state-of-the-art Flutter UI technology.

This Ecommerce-driven app template grants you access to a smooth and delectable journey across numerous restaurants, delivering the pinnacle of Multi Delivery convenience.Elevate your food delivery service with GoFoods’ cutting-edge features, secure payment methods, and tailored preferences.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates


NourishNow: Two comprehensive Flutter applications tailored for Multi-Restaurant Food Delivery and seamless Admin Control, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Complete User App: Enjoy hassle-free cart management, swift ordering, real-time notifications, cash on delivery payment option, and the ability to add favorites for quick access.

Practical Admin App: Easily add, delete, and edit product and restaurant details, efficiently manage orders, and stay updated with notifications.

Utilizes Firebase: Utilizes Firebase for authentication, storage, messaging, and Cloud Firestore for seamless data management.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

29.Benefits of QR Menu

QR Menu app for restaurants and cafes looking to enhance their ordering and management system. With its table QR-code based contactless ordering, it offers a convenient and safe way for customers to place their orders without the need for printed menus. The app’s ability to showcase food images and videos can help upsell items, increasing revenue for businesses. Additionally, the efficiency of order and re-order placement without staff interaction streamlines operations.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

30.Maan Food

Maan Food is a comprehensive Flutter UI kit designed for food delivery apps on both Android and iOS platforms. It offers a wide range of ready-to-use templates, widgets, code snippets, and screens, all adhering to the latest Material Design standards. With a focus on quality, reusability, speed, and user-friendliness, Maan Food empowers developers to quickly integrate modern and visually appealing UI elements into their Flutter projects. This UI kit not only streamlines the development process but also ensures a polished and professional look for mobile applications, ultimately saving time and effort for developers.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

31.360 Delivery

360Delivery – a groundbreaking Flutter template redefining the creation of delivery apps. Imagine an interactive, user-centric customer app interface offering a diverse range of delivery services, all accessible at your fingertips.

360Delivery isn’t just any template; it’s a comprehensive solution crafted for versatility and ease. Whether you’re in the food industry, operate a pharmacy, manage a local grocery store, or run a courier service, this template has you covered. It features specialized modules for food, parcel, pharmacy, and grocery deliveries. Moreover, 360Delivery includes a dedicated Dine-In facility component, complete with Membership UI pages, enhancing the functionality and user engagement of your application.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

32.Cafe App

Biddingart App – an innovative Online Art Bidding Flutter App template for Android and iOS. This solution empowers your business with scalability and reliability, elevating operational efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction, and fostering growth.

With cross-platform compatibility, you can expand your reach and engage a broader audience by launching your app on both iOS and Android platforms.

32 Best Flutter Food Delivery/Restaurant Templates

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