Flutter Cat Facts

A Flutter app fetches interesting cat facts

This project is a Flutter application that uses different technologies and techniques to provide an engaging, informative, and fun user experience. The app fetches interesting cat facts from CatFact Ninja and presents them alongside images sourced from Cat as a Service (CATAAS). All cat facts are stored locally on the device using Hive DB.


Key Features

  • Fetching random cat facts from the CatFact Ninja API
  • Displaying random cat images from CATAAS
  • Storing cat facts locally using Hive DB for offline access

Note: The CatFact Ninja API does not provide a creation date for the facts. To mitigate this, we’re generating a random date for each fact to simulate a timeline of creation.

Tech Stack

This project uses a number of high-quality Flutter packages and methodologies:

  • BLoC for state management, providing a predictable state that responds to user inputs and system events
  • Clean Architecture practices are followed to ensure separation of concerns and scalability of the application
  • Retrofit and Dio, along with pretty_dio_logger, are used for efficient, reliable, and developer-friendly network operations
  • The project is modular for efficient code organization and easy navigation
  • Freezed package is used for immutable data modeling
  • flutter_hive is used for local data storage
  • User feedback is facilitated through flutter_toast
  • A delightful loading state is achieved using the shimmer package
  • intl package is used for internationalizing the application
  • Equatable is used to simplify equality comparisons in Dart objects

Getting Started

To get started with this project, you’ll need to have Flutter and Dart installed on your local machine. Once you have those installed, you can clone this repository and install the dependencies.


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