QwikCountr Demo

A Flutter app that displays stock market data and allows users to track their favorite stocks.

Built by Captured-Heart

You can download the apk directly from my firebase distribution console QwikCountr-Demo

Tasks for the assessment

  • ✅ Use the marketstack API, build an app that shows the stock market report of 10 random companies
  • ⚠️ Add a date range and auto complete search box (Intentional left it out, until i am sure i am not being fooled)
  • ✅ Notify the user if the device is offline
  • ✅ Add a production-grade README.md file


  • Real-time stock data for major stock exchanges
  • Add stocks to a watchlist and track their performance(Gridview and ListView)
  • Dark and light themes for a personalized look
  • Offline support for viewing stock data when an internet connection is not available

UI Shots


For a full description of OSS used, see pubspec.yaml


Stock data provided, and you can also generate your own Api keys on MarketstackAPI


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