A flutter based college management application

E-Campus – Flutter Collage Management App

E-Campus is a flutter based college management application developed as a final year project. The app is designed to provide students, teachers, and administrators with a single platform to manage academic activities efficiently. The app uses Firebase for authentication, and registration is based on OTP. The project also implements Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to provide different levels of access to users based on their roles.

Drawer Navigation
The drawer navigation is customized based on the user’s role. If the user is a class representative, admin or teacher, then the drawer will show additional options, while regular users like students can only access specific features.

The app includes a feature to access e-library where students can download and read books online.

Bus Tracking using Google Maps API
The app also provides a feature to track the college bus using Google Maps API. This feature helps students and staff members to check the real-time location of the bus.

Chat with Teacher and Friends
The app includes a chat feature that enables students to communicate with their teachers and friends to clarify doubts.

AI Chatbot using Chat GPT API
E-Campus also includes an AI chatbot feature that is built using Chat GPT API. Students can interact with the chatbot to clear their doubts.

Tech News Update
The app provides a feature to update students about the latest tech news based on their department. The class representative will add the current tech news, which will then be available to all students in that department.

Overall, E-Campus is a well-rounded college management app that provides features that are useful for students, teachers, and administrators. It provides an efficient way to manage academic activities and communication between students and faculty members.

A flutter based college management application

A flutter based college management application


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