Web animated hover menu

A flutter package that will provide a different type of pretty animation with different alignment.

Key Features

  • Different type of animation in different alignment
  • Mouse hover effect

Existing Animations

  • Left To Right
  • Right To Left
  • Top To Bottom
  • Bottom To Top


Easy usage

Import it to your project file

import 'package:web_hover_menu/web_hover_menu.dart';

And add it in its most basic form like it:

headerTiles: headerModelList,
headerBoxDecoration: const BoxDecoration(
    borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(
    color: Colors.black),
headerTextColor: Colors.white,
headerTextSize: 15.0,
menuTiles: menuModelList,
menuBoxDecoration: const BoxDecoration(
    borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(
    color: Colors.black38),
menuTextColor: Colors.white,
animationType: AnimationType.rightToLeft,
menuTextSize: 16.0,
headerPosition: HeaderPosition.bottomRight),


prop value required/optional description
headerTiles array required It will provide header menu list.
menuTiles array required It will provide hover menu list.
headerPosition custom required Use for header position defines menu.
backgroundWidget Widget optional It will provide background of widget
headerBoxDecoration style optional perticular header menu of style.
headerTextColor color optional Use for header text color.
headerTextSize double optional Use for header text size.
menuBoxDecoration style optional Use for perticular header menu of hover menu.
menuTextColor color optional Use to text color to hover menu.
animationType custom optional Use for different type of animation
menuTextSize double optional Use for text size to hover menu.


  • provider


Web Hover Animated Menu is MIT-licensed.

Let us know!

We’d be really happy if you send us links to your projects where you use our component. Just send an
email to sales@mindinventory.com And do let us know if you have any questions or suggestion
regarding our work.


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