Provides you a textfield and accompanying controller that users can visually type separated lists into, such as a list of email recipients.


  • Textfield that creates a list as you type
  • Handy controller than can be used with other text fields for more customisation.
  • Remove from list with normal backspace.

Getting started

Add the package to your project pubspec.yaml

    listtextfield: any

Import the package in the project file

    import "package:listtextfield/listtextfield.dart";


Create a ListTextEditingController with the list separator users should type.

 final _controller = ListTextEditingController(',');

You may also initialise your controller with some items in the list, by providing the optional set of strings.

 final _controller = ListTextEditingController(',', {'InitialItem1', 'InitialItem2',});

Add a ListTextField widget to your widget tree and supply the controller

 Widget build(BuildContext context){
    return Column(
        children: [
                controller: _controller, 
                itemBuilder: (ctx, item){
                    // Build how items in the list should appear
                    return Chip(
                    label: Text(value),
                    onDeleted: () => _controller.removeItem(value),

You can access the typed list by calling items on the controller

    final myItems = _controller.items; 

See example for more information

Additional information

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