Water Me ­č¬┤

A simple, open and privacy friendly plant watering reminder for Android.

Water me is a mobile application written in Flutter to remind you to water your plants.

Features and Components

  • Add plants with watering frequency, name and picture
  • No remote entity, local-only application
  • Flutter, currently support for Android
  • Camera access
  • Local Notifications
  • Workmanager with periodic task
  • Provider package for MVC separation

Pull requests are welcome.


This is a flutter based Android application. Ensure to have Android-Studio and flutter-sdk installed.

flutter pub get
flutter build apk


The latest version is automatically built on a new commit. See Build APK Action, select the latest successfull build, and download the APK under ÔÇśArtifactsÔÇÖ. Alternatively consider Release Section.


GPL v3


Built with <3
by Andrin Bertschi


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