SongTube is a new beautiful and fast application made in flutter, it supports YouTube audio and video downloading at any quality, In-App YouTube Browser, audio conversion, Playlists and an Audio tags editor.


  • Video Download at any available Quality
  • Download HDR and 60fps Videos
  • Audio Download at best available Quality
  • Audio Tags & Artwork Editor
  • Audio Filters (Volume, Bass, Treble)
  • Audio Conversion (AAC, OGG and MP3) (optional)
  • Full Playlist Downloads (Only Audio)
  • Set custom path for Audio/Video download
  • Music Player built-in
  • Video Player built-in
  • Music Equalizer
  • Music Playlists
  • Youtube Videos Playlists
  • In-App Youtube Browser
  • Light/Dark/Black Themes
  • Accent Color Picker
  • UI Customizations

Download SongTube

You can get this application from the Official SongTube Channel on Telegram: You can also join SongTube Official Group from the Channel, any kind of issue report or recommendation is welcomed!

Other SongTube download sites:

How to Update NewPipeExtractor_Dart(Library for Youtube)

1st Step: Select NewPipeExtractor(including forks) you want to use

2nd Step: Update NewPipeExtractor to NewPipeExtractor_Dart

Find build.gradle under NewPipeExtractor_Dartandroid folder.
Than Find line implementation 'com.github.SkyTubeTeam.NewPipeExtractor:NewPipeExtractor:LOCAL_SNAPSHOT'
Change the dependency version you want to use

// NewPipe
implementation 'com.github.TeamNewPipe:NewPipeExtractor:v0.20.10'

// Skytube
implementation 'com.github.SkyTubeTeam.NewPipeExtractor:NewPipeExtractor:skytube-2022-11-04'


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