Flutter Plant App 🌿📱

A plant showing and selling App using Flutter

A Flutter app for plant enthusiasts to explore, identify, and manage their plant collections.


Plant Exploration

  • Plant Catalog 🌱:

    • Explore a rich catalog of various plants with detailed information.
  • Plant Identification 🌺:

    • Utilize features for plant identification using photos or descriptions.

User-Facing Features

  • Personal Plant Collection 📚:

    • Create and manage your personal collection of plants.
  • New Reminders ⏰:

    • Set reminders for watering, fertilizing, or other care activities.
  • Community Engagement 🌍:

    • Connect with other plant enthusiasts, share tips, and discuss plant care.

Ongoing Development

  • AR Plant Identification 🌐:

    • Implement augmented reality for real-time plant identification.
  • Integration with Plant Databases 📊:

    • Connect with external databases for a more extensive plant catalog.
  • Plant Health Monitoring 🌱:

    • Incorporate features for monitoring the health of plants.

Getting Started

A plant showing and selling App using Flutter


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