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Codebooter Study App using Flutter

Welcome to Codebooter Study App, the ultimate platform designed to help B.Tech Computer Science students excel in their studies and prepare for successful careers in the tech industry. Whether you’re looking to enhance your interview preparation, master Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), explore courses, watch educational videos, prepare for exams, or discover job and internship opportunities, this app has you covered.

Codebooter Study App using Flutter Codebooter Study App using Flutter



  • Secure and convenient authentication for users.
  • Protect your personal information and progress within the app.

Codebooter Study App using Flutter

Interview Preparation

  • Access a vast collection of interview questions and challenges to enhance your problem-solving skills.
  • Practice coding interviews with real-time code editors and receive instant feedback.
  • Explore commonly asked questions in tech interviews and ace your dream job.

Codebooter Study App using Flutter


  • Enroll in courses covering a wide range of computer science topics.
  • Learn from industry experts through video lectures, quizzes, and hands-on projects.
  • Earn certificates upon course completion to boost your resume.
  • Master Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) with comprehensive tutorials, interactive exercises, and coding challenges.
  • Improve your algorithmic thinking and coding skills, making you more competitive in the job market.

Codebooter Study App using Flutter


  • Watch educational videos on various computer science subjects, coding, and tech trends.
  • Stay updated with the latest advancements in the tech industry.

Codebooter Study App using Flutter

Exam Preparation

  • Prepare for your B.Tech exams with a collection of study materials, past papers, and practice tests.
  • Ensure you’re well-prepared to excel in your academic pursuits.

Codebooter Study App using Flutter

Job and Internship Opportunities

  • Stay updated with the latest job and internship opportunities in the tech industry.
  • Receive job alerts matching your skills and preferences.
  • Apply to internships to gain practical experience and kickstart your career.

Codebooter Study App using Flutter

Getting Started

Flutter is Google’s SDK for crafting beautiful, fast user experiences for
mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter works with existing
code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and
open source.


For announcements about new releases, follow the
mailing list. Our documentation also tracks breaking
across releases.

Terms of service

The Flutter tool may occasionally download resources from Google servers. By
downloading or using the Flutter SDK, you agree to the Google Terms of Service:

For example, when installed from GitHub (as opposed to from a prepackaged
archive), the Flutter tool will download the Dart SDK from Google servers
immediately when first run, as it is used to execute the flutter tool itself.
This will also occur when Flutter is upgraded (e.g. by running the flutter upgrade command).

About Flutter

We think Flutter will help you create beautiful, fast apps, with a productive,
extensible and open development model, whether you’re targeting iOS or Android,
web, Windows, macOS, Linux or embedding it as the UI toolkit for a platform of
your choice.

Beautiful user experiences

We want to enable designers to deliver their full creative vision without being
forced to water it down due to limitations of the underlying framework.
Flutter’s layered architecture gives you control over every pixel on the
screen and its powerful compositing capabilities let you overlay and animate
graphics, video, text, and controls without limitation. Flutter includes a full
set of widgets that deliver pixel-perfect experiences whether
you’re building for iOS (Cupertino) or other platforms (Material), along with
support for customizing or creating entirely new visual components.

Fast results

Flutter is fast. It’s powered by the same hardware-accelerated 2D graphics
library that underpins Chrome and Android: Skia. We architected Flutter to
support glitch-free, jank-free graphics at the native speed of your device.
Flutter code is powered by the world-class Dart platform, which enables
compilation to 32-bit and 64-bit ARM machine code for iOS and Android, as well
as JavaScript for the web and Intel x64 for desktop devices.

Productive development

Flutter offers stateful hot reload, allowing you to make changes to your code
and see the results instantly without restarting your app or losing its state.

Extensible and open model

Flutter works with any development tool (or none at all), and also includes
editor plug-ins for both Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ / Android Studio.
Flutter provides tens of thousands of packages to speed your
development, regardless of your target platform. And accessing other native code
is easy, with support for both FFI (on Android, on iOS,
on macOS, and on Windows) as well as
platform-specific APIs.

Flutter is a fully open-source project, and we welcome contributions.
Information on how to get started can be found in our
contributor guide.


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