Restaurant App (Submission Flutter Fundamental Dicoding)

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Restr is a Restaurant Application for the people who lookin for the Restaurant, Foods, Drinks, anything about that.

In this project, is to accomplish Submission Dicoding in Flutter Fundamental Course, and i use Riverpod for it. for details you can see here.

The challenge here is that I created a restaurant app with Riverpod Architecture, which is i never implement it before, so it was very challenging for me. To see what features I made, you can see here.

I, use Rivderpod as my State Management, Dependency Injection, and Service Locator.. To see what Dependencies I created, you can see here.


Clone or Download and Open it into Android Studio, VSCode, or Other IDE / Text Editor


Dashboard Detail Restaurant Search Restaurant


  • Splash
  • Dashboard
  • Search
  • Detail Restaurant

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